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2.2 Taking a new path

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

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Whilst this blog is part of my studies for my Masters in Education (Teacher Librarianship), I have returned to my first love, gifted education. I now work as P-12 Coordinator for Gifted Education in a large private school in Brisbane. My position description is still developing; but one facet is to work with teachers to meet the academic and social emotional needs of gifted students within their classrooms.

I have been incredibly lucky to have found a like-minded soul to partner with whom to begin my quest. Whilst not formally trained in gifted education, she is a passionate and curious educator who works with the Year 7 class which has been clustered for academic potential (rather than performance). It was at her invitation that I began to collaborate on a “filler” unit, Exposing the Media, timetabled for the final three weeks of term, after the assessment period for all Year 7 students.

My goals have three main targets:

students, teachers and myself.

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Students will:

  • Explore diverse perspectives and develop critical consciousness of how people are positioned by the media, whilst beginning to build own perspectives

  • Apply understanding of persuasive devices used to develop a script and storyboard illustrating diverse points of view on a current news topic of interest.

  • Create a short video communicating understanding of strategies used by the media to influence an audience by applying these strategies in their video

Teaching Staff:

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  • Work with colleagues to develop a motivating and inspiring unit of work which meets the unique needs of gifted learners, building own knowledge and understanding of ways to meet the needs of gifted learners

  • Utilise each teacher’s unique knowledge of curriculum, content and skills

  • Build a “big picture” understanding of the Year 7 Australian Curriculum as opposed to their focus on their own department responsibility.

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  • Develop collegial relationships with and between staff from different departments (silo breaking)

  • Tread carefully to build teacher trust

  • Develop teachers’ sense of agency to design appropriately differentiated curriculum for gifted learners.

  • Develop a big picture understanding of each facet of the Year 7 Australian Curriculum

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